Friends and family

My great-great-great grandfather on Wikipedia

My grandfather on Wikipedia

My Godmother on Wikipedia

Pamela Polland – singer/songwriter

Harriet Schock – singer/songwriter

Patti Dahlstrom – singer/songwriter

Catherine Howe – singer/songwriter

Chi Coltrane – singer/songwriter

Andrea Ross-Greene – photographer, singer/songwriter

Lori Lieberman, singer/songwriter


Phoebe Snow

Janis Ian

Plus, thank you to the following. I’m alive but without them I might not be: Huw Thomas, Jude Gardner, Michelle Stiles and the other 94/95 flatmates (Claire, Richard, Tamsin), Kate Grant, Meg Donovan, Hugh Donovan, Janet McMorran, Pamela Polland, Janet Stobart, Clare Hewson, Arabella Tait, Georgie Johnson, Lee Kidd, Gordon Rae, Sandi Lacey, Julia Camoys Stonor, the consultants, surgeons, doctors, nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists at St. Mary’s Paddington and The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital.

2 Responses to “Friends”

  1. I couldnʻt be more honored to be listed both amongst your friends and your support system. You are a treasure, Charles, and itʻs inspiring to watch you evolve, mature and really live. We truly have The Best kind of friendship because we help each other. Lucky us!!

  2. Pamela – I feel exactly the same way about you. You are the only Maui Mermaid – all the other Maui mermaids are pale imitations and pretenders to your throne. And not only do we help each other, but we do so without the expectation of reciprocity, which only makes the fact that there is such great reciprocity all the more sweet. Cxx

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