Hello and welcome. I am a journalist, writer, and musician in recovery. I add ‘writer’ to qualify ‘journalist’ since I’ve never earned money by doorstepping celebrities, intruding on grief, or any of the other pernicious activities that sometimes get journalists lumped in with estate agents and lawyers on ‘least popular people’ lists.

My articles have appeared in: The Sunday Telegraph, The Evening Standard, The Independent, The Express, Woman & Home, Essentials, What’s On In London, and allmusic.com (syndicated by Rolling Stone, iTunes, Amazon, and more). For web, I have written copy and devised features/games for The History Channel, The Biography Channel, AETN, Agathachristie.com, The Natural History Museum, Channel 4, The National Maritime Museum, The Discovery Channel and more.

Over the coming months, I will create an archive of previously published articles. Of course, some of them are articles I don’t own or have permission to reprint, and where that’s the case, I’ll provide a link to the relevant newspaper/magazine’s online archive. In addition, I’ll be writing new pieces solely for this site.

Between 1999 and 2006, I moonlighted as a performing songwriter, sometimes remuneratively, sometimes not. I will try to include some clips of a show from 2003 in Los Angeles, since that was the best one I ever did, or at least the best one that was recorded. More important to me, though, are other singer/songwriters. They’re one of the reasons I went into journalism, because I found them intriguing and wanted to meet them. Soon, you’ll be able to find my interviews and reminiscences on this site, of people such as Carly Simon, Janis Ian, Phoebe Snow, Brenda Russell, Pamela Polland and more, as well as the role I played in the case of Scots singer/songwriter Shelagh McDonald, missing and feared dead for over thirty years.

There is also a strand of recovery-orientated commentary running through this site. I have undergone a very slow, bumpy recovery from what started out as drug abuse and then morphed into alcoholism. I realise now that it can morph into all kinds of things; the actual substance is almost a red herring – the real culprit is something within me that searches in the wrong place for bliss, escape, anaesthesia, confidence, short-cuts, poise, thrills, abandon, joy, relief, balance, stability etc.

Thank you for coming here and visiting me,


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